The Year in Marketing: Looking Back and Moving Forward

Naked Lime New Year 2015

Oh, 2014. It seems like just last week…

In case you missed anything that happened around here last year, let us catch you up.

Aptus Websites by Naked Lime

Naked Lime launched our groundbreaking new adaptive website platform, and we're all beaming like proud new parents. Check it out here. 


Our Targeted Marketing arsenal get even stronger with XtreamService, to help you maximize the profitability of your existing customer database and turn more service customers into new vehicle sales.

Happy Customers

We were beyond honored to have so many of our dealerships say such nice things about us. You can read them here. Some of them even let us visit them and get it on video – special thanks to Atchley Ford and Two Rivers Ford.

Industry Whitepapers

Automotive News invited us to publish four industry whitepapers to help educate their readers on automotive marketing. You can find them on our website and read their summaries below.

Four New Rules of the Road for Service Marketing unveiled new marketing strategies to turn the service department into an even bigger sales asset.

“What dealer doesn’t want to improve profit margins and sales?” says Kristen Adams, a Naked Lime marketing and advertising consultant. “The service department’s value goes far beyond revenue generated by repair work. We can help dealers tap further into this department’s potential.”

Millennials and Cars: Disrupt the Cycle encouraged dealers to think outside the buying cycle to find new ways to reach the Millennial vehicle shopper.

“Vehicle sales this year reached their highest point since the recession,” says Jay Harper, Naked Lime’s manager for XtreamService Marketing Services. “But Millennials aren’t showing up in droves to buy cars. Dealers can meet and exceed the Millennial shopper’s demands if they rethink how to keep customers happy and attract new ones.”

The Mobile Web Design Battle That Isn’t challenged responsive web design fans by showing that adaptive web design is the better fit for e-commerce businesses – including dealerships.

“When I bought my last car, I spent one hour at the dealership to ink the deal. I was ‘sold’ that car online, not on the lot,” Naked Lime Sales Manager Greg Uland says. “Consumers today want to interact differently with dealerships. The most successful dealers recognize that and embrace an e-commerce model for automobile retailing.”

Digital World, Digital Speak uncovered the power of content marketing to start a digital conversation between dealers and customers and drive tangible sales results.

“Consumers usually are turned off by a hard sales pitch,” says Steve Henning, senior director of marketing and advertising services for Naked Lime. “They’re more interested in having a conversation about how the car they want can change their life. Dealerships can use content marketing to do more than simply join the conversation: They can influence it.”

What's next?

We have big plans for 2015 – including a redesign of this very blog! Keep coming back for our take on the latest developments in dealership marketing.

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