Five Words that Work Magic on Email Open Rates

The old warning is that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but there is no denying that emails are judged by their subject lines. With more competition than ever in the inbox, how can you increase the odds of your messages being opened?

A new study from Alchemy Worx searched a database of over 21 billion emails to determine the best and worst words to use in subject lines.

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first. The 5 words that performed the worst, based on their open rate compared to the average:

  • Miss (-4.6%))
  • Deals! (-4.38%)
  • Groovy (-4.26%)
  • Conditions (-4.04%)
  • Friday! (-4%)

The good news is that I doubt you were going to promote your “groovy” cars this weekend. (Unless you happen to be sitting on a rare collection of 1970s VW Beetles – in that case, feel free to break this rule!)

The better news is that the negative effect of the “bad” words is nowhere near the positive effect of the “good” words. Top performing words to include in an email subject line, based on their open rate compared to the average:

  • Upgrade (+65%)
  • Just (+64%)
  • Content (+59%)
  • Go and Wonderful (+55%)

Try one or two of these words in your next email subject line and see what happens. You could ask subscribers to “go upgrade” their vehicles, or check out the “wonderful content” on your blog. Too many strong keywords in a subject line may cause email service providers and applications to flag your email message as spam, and no one wants that.

We can’t guarantee certain words will increase your email open rates. However, action words like “go” or “upgrade” can evoke emotions—and those emotions might be powerful enough to drive subscribers to open that email.

And don’t forget, once you get subscribers to open your email, make sure your content is compelling so they click through to read and engage with your dealership.

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