Google Speaks – Why You Need a Mobile Website

Google sent a message earlier this month to websites that aren’t mobile friendly: Soon mobile-friendly websites could rank higher in search results than websites optimized only for desktop viewing.

But what does “mobile-friendly” even mean? According to Google, mobile-friendly websites should look equally great on a PC and a smartphone. Websites that aren’t optimized for viewing on a mobile device force consumers to read too-small text, click on tiny links, and scroll around the page to see all the content.

That is important to dealers because most consumers interact with dealerships across a variety of digital devices before they physically visit one. They will expect different things from the dealer’s website, depending on where they are, what they intend to do on the site, and how long it will take to complete their visit.

When deciding where to buy, the experience on a dealership’s website is just as important as the physical experience of being at the dealership – if not more. This is especially true for mobile shoppers, who are usually in the position to make a quicker decision. If you make a bad first impression online, why would they bother to visit in person? But if their online experience is rewarding, hassle-free, and helpful, they will feel positively toward the dealership – hopefully enough to become a customer.

While it might often seem like Google does these things just to make sure we’re all paying attention, this time Google and your dealership have the same goal – making sure your site gives consumers what they need. To this end, they will now indicate in search results whether the site is mobile-friendly, ensuring the user gets the optimal experience.

Mobile-friendly Google search result

If you’re not sure how your site measures up, Google makes it easy to check.

Here’s our result:

Mobile blog

If the results for your dealership site aren’t what you hoped, we can help.

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