Learn with Naked Lime at Digital Dealer 18 in Tampa

Digital Dealer 18 Tampa

With more shoppers visiting fewer dealerships before buying, what does a dealer have to do to make more sales?

How can marketing make a deep enough impression to cut out competition?

Is there a way to win the business before the buying process begins?

Get the answers to these questions and more in Tampa at our Digital Dealer session, presented by Zach Vaughn.

Zach will help dealers:

  • Understand how ongoing customer communications can improve customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Learn how you can leverage your own database to decrease customer defection.
  • Understand the difference between being reactive to shoppers and proactive to potential buyers.

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About Zach: Prior to joining Naked Lime Marketing, Zach logged 12 years working at a traditional ad agency in Dallas where he helped dealerships of all sizes and OEMs across the U.S. capitalize on using marketing messages to positively impact every department of the dealership. Zach currently puts his marketing expertise to work in his hometown of New Orleans where – as a Naked Lime sales specialist – he helps dealers win in the “new normal” for automotive retailing in which customers know more, want more, and expect more.