Haddad Automotive Group Sees “Excellent” Marketing Results

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We only succeed when our dealers succeed. Today we would like to congratulate the Haddad Automotive Group on their recent success in growing their digital marketing strategies, and thank them for their kind words about our people and the services they provide.

Dear Naked Lime,

I am very happy that Naked Lime is on the Haddad team. They are accessible, resourceful, diligent, and fabulous with follow-up. I don’t think there is anything else I could want on my team beyond what they offer.

With Naked Lime, we have experienced excellent results. We’ve gained 750 reviews in the past year using the suggestions and assistance of our reputation management team. Our paid advertising brought in over 3,000 visitors – 61% of those were visitors who had never been to our site. Our Facebook ‘likes’ are increasing every day, because of Naked Lime’s strategy for posting and ad management.

Naked Lime’s long-term strategy really helps everyone focus on moving the business forward. Together we decide on a big goal and break it into manageable pieces. I’m no longer too busy to ask the right questions of our key players so we can all share in the dealership’s success.

In every way, we have strengthened the Haddad Automotive brand and digital presence. It’s a relief and an incredible time-saver to have a team of people you can count on.


Dawn Carberry, Digital Marketing Manager

Haddad Automotive Group, Pittsfield, MA


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