Naked Lime Visits Texas A&M Future Sales Leaders

Author: Naked Lime Marketing

Date: April 8, 2015

Topics: Events

Chris Walsh Naked Lime VP Sales

The driving principle of Naked Lime is providing the human element in a digital world. That begins long before dealers are introduced to service specialists, with their first interaction with our sales consultants.

Knowing what a crucial role our own consultants play in Naked Lime’s relationships with our customers, we are always happy for opportunities to help prepare a new crop of eager young sales professionals. We were able to do that again last weekend at Texas A&M University.

Chris Walsh, Naked Lime VP of Sales, held the honor of keynote speaker for the celebration banquet of the Collegiate Sales Competition at Texas A&M.

For the contest, students were provided with descriptions of products and customer cases. They were then given 12 minutes to role-play the sales call on which they were judged. There were three rounds of competition: Round 1 for all participants, Round 2 for 20 semi-finalists, and Round 3 to rank the top four competitors.

It is always inspiring and humbling to be surrounded by so much potential. We wish all competitors long and profitable careers, and invite them to join our team when the time comes.