3 Keys to Increased Email Engagement

dealership email marketing

How do you inspire your email audience to take action?

It’s a tough question, made tougher by recent research on email subscriber engagement – or rather, the serious lack of it.

A recent study on email benchmarks shows the average email marketing program doesn’t drive profitable actions. Only one in three new subscribers to an email program will interact in any way with that brand’s email marketing messages.

The study found only 14 percent of “active” email subscribers actually open or click on an email sent from a brand. About 33 percent of subscribers engage less often, and the majority doesn’t engage for a year – sometimes longer.

Your emails are already delivered into current subscribers’ inboxes. If you refine those messages, customers are more likely to take action. That can mean more service appointments and test drives scheduled. More incoming calls about vehicle inventory. More walk-ins.

If you’re ready to make your marketing messages more engaging, check out these tips.

Send the right message to the right customer

Nothing turns off a potential customer more than receiving emails that have nothing to do with what they want or need. Naked Lime has found that one third of customers in the dealership’s database no longer own the car the dealership thinks they do.

So, how clean is your email subscriber list? Make sure it’s squeaky clean before you send customers any more emails.

Build relationships with informative content

Not every email needs to explicitly sell something. Sometimes consumers want entertainment or information, not a sales pitch – especially if they aren’t currently in market to buy a new car or get their car serviced.

You can use informative content in an opt-in email newsletter to create and maintain a strong, loyal connection with potential customers. Then, when customers are ready to buy, your dealership stands a better chance of being their first choice because they know your dealership better than the competition.

Analyze campaigns to improve future chances

It’s said that to do the same thing over and over, yet expect different results, is the mark of insanity. Sane people try one thing, learn from the experience, and try something a bit different the next time.

Email marketing is no exception to this rule. If your campaigns continue to produce lackluster results, don’t keep trying the same tactics. Instead, test and revise them until you see the engagement results you want.


Your email marketing program can target specific customers at specific times with specific offers to entice them to do business with your dealership. However, if your subscribers aren’t engaging with your emails, then consider refining your messages from start to finish.

If you clean up your contact list, create messages with the customer in mind, and analyze campaign results to improve the next campaign, you may find more “active” subscribers becoming truly active with your email marketing.