Fix Your Dealership's Service Marketing: Part 1

Dealership Service Marketing from Naked Lime

How do you know if your Service cycle is truly optimized for the best possible customer experience? One of the best ways is to try being a customer yourself.

Pat Horne, Director of Product Planning for Naked Lime, recently contributed this exercise to Fixed Ops magazine to educate dealers on missed service marketing opportunities. We have broken down into a five-part series to help you take manageable steps to improving your processes.

Part 1: Find Your Dealership

Start by searching online from a desktop PC for maintenance and repair facilities in your town. Try a phrase that includes your main make and city, such as “Chevrolet Service in Yourtown.” Also try other phrases your customers might use when searching for vehicle maintenance or repair centers.

Now, look at where your Service Department ranks in the search results.

  • Does your dealership name show up? For the Service Department or just the dealership home page?
  • Are you in the first five results?
  • Are your ads displaying alongside the search results? Are they relevant to service or related to vehicle sales?
  • Who are the competitors appearing in your search?

Click your ad. Does it take you directly to a landing page where you can make a Service Appointment or do you have to click several times to do that?

Next, look at the other ads on the search results page. Click on ads for other dealerships or independent repair shops to compare your ad and website experience to theirs to identify any changes you might want to make.

Takeaways: If consumers can’t find your Service Department online, they likely won’t be visiting your dealership. If your Service department didn’t rank high in search results or your ads didn’t display, work with your marketing department or partner to improve your search engine optimization and digital ad performance.

Check back for Part 2: Connect With Consumers.

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