More Than a Popularity Contest: Social Media for Car Dealers

Whitepaper: Social Media for Car Dealers

Naked Lime's latest whitepaper, Social Media is More Than a Popularity Contest, takes a fresh look at automotive social media marketing.

“Social media doesn’t sell cars” is still a common perception in the automotive industry.

The truth? It doesn’t, directly – and neither do the dealer’s TV ads, radio spots, or website. But dealers still use all of those channels to reach customers, don’t they?

The actual car sale, at least for now, is still made at the dealership by the employees who work with customers to get them into the right car at the right time at the right price.

When it comes to social media, it’s become an important part of all of the marketing and advertising dealers use to get customers to walk in the door.

Each online interaction is a chance to engage a new audience in the dealer’s brand story and build a relationship – and eventually attract them into the store to make a purchase.

Plus, using social media for the dealership is not just about making one sale… it’s about making repeat sales, based on and driven by lasting relationships.

In this whitepaper, dealers will learn ways to use social media to capture consumers’ attention and foster long-term relationships that can deliver results.

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