Pull It All Together: The Benefits of Synchronized Marketing

Multi-channel Dealership Marketing

OEM programs. In-house marketing efforts. Digital marketing providers. Traditional advertising providers. Inventory aggregators.

Each of these is a relationship you have to manage, a report you have to interpret, or a phone call to make when you want to measure or change your marketing.

More importantly for your business, each one is a chance to represent your dealership to car buyers, often months before they actually make contact with you. Every one is a chance to gain customers, or lose them to your competition.

Like a boat, a dealership can’t go forward if everyone rows his own way. Having just one aspect of your marketing out of sync can be a small mistake, or a media disaster. Even if you manage to pull everyone together, the amount of time, stress, and resources required to keep different vendors with conflicting interests all moving in the best direction for you can be exhausting.

By employing a comprehensive strategy with marketing services built to work together, you never have to worry about delivering a consistent message tailored specifically to your market. But how?

  1. Limit your providers. By cutting down on the number of people rowing, you cut down the possibility of a jumbled web of vendors.
  2. Open lines of communication. Much like a rowing team, having one person in charge of timing and direction makes for a smooth path. Make sure your providers are not only talking to you, but to each other as well. Each marketing campaign should be coordinated across channels to ensure success.
  3. Review results and strategy. To have a great team you not only need practice but you need to look at your performance and strive to be better. Evaluate your process at regular intervals to see how each part of the team can perform better, propelling your team to the number one spot.

A cohesive and consistent marketing strategy can put more money in your pocket, but can be an investment of considerable time and effort. Learn how to get everyone on the same team, creating marketing that puts you ahead of the race, not rowing upstream.

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Travis Hafer, Naked Lime MarketingAbout Travis: Travis began his automotive career in 2002 with Dave Arbogast Buick-Pontiac-GMC in Troy, OH. His time in the automotive industry continued with the Naked Lime sales team in 2011. Travis served dealers from the Naked Lime Marketing BDC team, specializing in presenting the consultative, full-service vision Naked Lime has built.  As a Naked Lime expert, Travis has moved into the field covering OH/KY as he continues to assist his dealers in becoming digital leaders in their markets.