Selling in the Service Drive: A Dealer Success Story

XtreamService from Naked Lime Testimonial

The service drive is often overlooked as a lead generator for new car sales. See what one Internet Manager had to say about the difference XtreamService made in his dealership.

Dear Naked Lime,

Our service department is in a separate building, which makes it difficult to get any salesperson to want to stay there and approach customers. Five months ago, when our Naked Lime rep approached us with XtreamService, we thought, this might be a good way to do that and jumped in.

We started with XtreamService’s basic level, dispersing leads to Sales, but we are so large – we write 3,000 repair orders per month – our Sales staff couldn’t keep up. Also, we identified several issues with our staff making outbound phone calls, and we don’t have a BDC, so we upgraded to XtreamService’s level two where you do the follow up for us.

XtreamService has worked well for us. We have sold 138 units, or $363,000 in gross. We average $2,600 per copy and our leads keep going up and up. With XtreamService, we have the ability to reach our customers and keep them in the buying cycle every 36 months. It’s like having a big lease portfolio.

What I like most about XtreamService is the weekly phone calls. I look at my incentives or inventory and work with my specialist to figure out a strategy for the week. It’s not like our newspaper or radio advertising campaigns where they publish something and we sit back and wait for the results. With XtreamService, we target who we want and see the results immediately. There’s no more closing your eyes and throwing a dart, hoping you pop the balloon. XtreamService is more cost effective as well!

I’ve been in the business for 21 years and the hardest part of internet operations is finding the time to and having the know-how to manipulate your data into useable information and then having the processes in place to actually use the data. With XtreamService, you do it all for me.


Dave Tedder

Internet Manager

Sanderson Ford

Glendale, AZ

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