2016: A Challenging Year for Digital Advertising

Digital Marketing curves in 2016

With all the time people spend online, it’s no surprise that 90% of potential car buyers begin their purchase there. Retailers have realized that online advertising needs to be part of their strategy, and now cutting through the digital noise has become one of their biggest struggles.

That’s just in a good year, not in a year like 2016. What makes this one different?

Presidential Election

With deep-pocketed candidates battling for air time, traditional advertising costs could increase up to 200%. If you’re willing to throw in the cash to compete, there is little air time even available, especially in battleground states. (Fellow Buckeyes, you know the struggle of living in Ohio in an election year.)

Summer Olympics

Traditional spots still open after presidential buys could be snagged by Olympics advertising. Every advertiser wants to put out that one commercial about the kid athletes that will make American moms cry, and they’re willing to pay top dollar to make sure they all see it.

With the election and the Olympics sucking up traditional ad space, you’ll want to make sure your digital strategy is flawless. Which leads to the third challenge…

Google Changes

This isn’t unique to 2016, but Google started the year with a big shake-up right out of the gate by discontinuing ads on the right side of search results. That means the available paid spots on SERPs decreased from 11 to seven – with four of those appearing at the bottom. Prime paid search positions just became scarce, and that could be reflected in higher costs per click for advertisers.

What Can You Do?

Brand awareness will be more important than ever, and Naked Lime has been making improvements to how we raise that awareness for our dealers. Advances in display campaigns, remarketing, new ad extensions, dynamic ads, and click-to-call ads will help make the most of dealership ad budgets.

Our specialists are hard at work analyzing data for dealers. We’ve developed new reports to find ways to increase impression share and average ad position for dealers, and improved our budget recommendation process to maximize the performance of each individual piece of advertising.

Change is never easy, but we’re right beside you to help you keep up. Keep the hits coming, 2016. We’re ready.

To make sure you're ready, too, call 855.NKD.LIME or email info@nakedlime.com.