Hiding in Plain Sight: How One Dealer Found His Most Valuable Customers

We average $550 more per car on XtreamService deals.

While acquiring new customers is certainly important, your dealership database is already full of promising prospects. Read how one dealership used XtreamService to learn this lesson.

Dear Naked Lime,

Every dealer I know is looking for that extra 10, 12, 15 car deals per month, every month. Where do we find them? How much does it cost to get them? We have realized working out of our own customer base is an efficient way to do it.

We bought XtreamService because if we can take a customer and move the sales process up 5 months, or 6 months, or a year, the transaction price will be better. We’ll move units ahead without spending extra money for advertising because they are our customers already. The ROI just works.

These are customers of our dealership, so there’s a familiarity. It's not like customers are getting cold calls from strangers. Of the leads our customers show any interest in we are closing up to 80% and we average $550 more per car on XtreamService deals.

In addition, we’ve seen some wonderful trade-ins out of it. If you’re trading people that are coming to your service drive, you have the service history. It gives you a story to tell the next buyer about a locally-owned vehicle. And it saves you from sending someone to an auction to go buy 10 cars that you could have taken in on trade for new sales.

Service and support with XtreamService is also excellent. In the beginning, the consultant provided best practices and spent a day or two working in our service drive with our sales crew showing them how it was going to work. It was a good process, and the support has been ongoing, clear, and concise.

Getting people thinking it's time to find a new vehicle, especially if they can get another vehicle for the same payment or less, is simply a good thing to do.


Louis Trotta

General Manager

Pete Moore Imports

Pensacola, FL

To learn more about how XtreamService can help you find your most profitable customers, call 855.NKD.LIME or email info@nakedlime.com.