Fix Your Dealership's Service Marketing: Part 3

Author: Naked Lime Marketing

Date: April 13, 2016

Topics: Web

Service appointment frustration

Welcome to the third installment in our Service Marketing series. So far we've talked about how to make sure customers can find your dealership and give them a reason and a way to easily contact you. Hopefully that leads to the next step…

Part 3: Make an Appointment

Since this series has been all about the customer experience, go ahead and walk through the online appointment process on your website. (Your customers can do that, right?)

As a new customer making a Service appointment, how easy is it to:

  • Begin making an appointment? Is a log in or VIN required?
  • Select a preferred appointment date and time?
  • Enter concerns?
  • View recommended services?
  • Select a service advisor?
  • Schedule a loaner or rental vehicle?

Repeat this process as if you’re a customer who already has an online account.

  • What personal or vehicle information has to be re-entered?
  • Are any services recommended?
  • Is there a default Service Advisor assigned and can you change the default?
  • Can you view prior Service history when making an appointment?

Once you finish making the service appointment, do you receive an automatic confirmation or do you have to wait for a call from a Service Advisor?

Also look at your competitors’ websites to determine how they’re handling online appointments. Compare their processes to yours to determine whether there are any improvements you can make to create a more rewarding experience for your customers.

Takeaways: Ultimately, you want it to be easy for customers to connect with you and make an appointment online. If any part of this process is confusing or cumbersome, ask your online appointment system provider or your website provider about ways to make the process clearer and smoother for consumers.