To Win the Big Sale, First Win the Micro-Moments

Google Micro-moments for online shoppers

Who knows more about online trends than Google?

From the people who first got us all talking about ZMOT, we now have the “micro-moment.” And before you brush it off as a marketing buzzword, you need to remember that when a giant like Google identifies a new aspect of e-commerce, every retailer in the world should stand up and listen.

What is a micro-moment?

It’s every tiny step in what we used to simplify as the four-stage ZMOT process. With the rise of mobile technology, every need becomes more urgent and every action more immediate. Each of those hundreds of micro-moments is the opportunity for your business to gain or lose a customer.

You can read Google’s entire analysis of micro-moments here, but we’ll give you the basics:

Types of micro-moments:

I-want-to-know moments – 66% of people use their smartphones to look up something they saw on TV commercials.

I-want-to-go moments – “Near me” searches doubled from 2014 to 2015.

I-want-to-do moments – More than 100M hours of “how-to” videos were watched on YouTube in just the first half of 2015.

I-want-to-buy moments – Mobile conversion rates increased by 29% from 2014 to 2015.

There are countless subconscious reactions and conscious actions that make up these moments, and it is important for you to be present for as many as possible. Every time a member of your audience needs to verify a claim, needs to find a trusted service provider, needs to fix the thing they have or buy a new one – you have to be ready to help.

Are you ready?

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