Fix Your Dealership's Service Marketing: Part 4

Author: Naked Lime Marketing

Date: May 10, 2016

Topics: Web

dealership online service appointment scheduling

The last post in our Service Marketing series asked you to walk through your dealership's online service appointment process to experience it as a customer. Now we're going to ask you to take it one step further…

Part 4: Go Mobile

Different digital devices will give visitors different experiences with your Service Department, so perform the last exercise again using your smartphone.

You should notice a few big differences.

  • Ads: Can you call your Service Department from your smartphone by clicking the phone number in the ad?
  • Navigation: Enter your dealership’s website URL directly into your smartphone browser.
    • Does your website appear to be a shrunk-down version of your full website?
    • Or, do you receive a list of specific actions you might be more likely to perform from a smartphone, such as call the dealership, find directions, or schedule a service appointment?
    • Can you easily view the full site?

Takeaways: The point in repeating the process from different devices is that smartphone users want to be able to do nearly everything a desktop user can, but in a way that makes it easy to access and navigate on mobile. More people are multitasking and making appointments on the go, no longer chained to a desktop to find, research, and contact service providers. If your service department is turning off smartphone users, you are missing a valuable piece of your market.

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