How Mobile is Saving Facebook Advertising – And Why You Should Care

Social Media for car dealers

The ROI of social media for car dealers, and whether it actually helps make sales, is a long-debated topic. We’ve discussed it here, here, and here. While we’ll never get everyone to agree, research says that social media isn’t going anywhere. On the contrary, its use, particularly on mobile, is still growing.

Researchers at eMarketer studied online activities of U.S. adults who used social media at least once per month from 2013 on, and if you care about successful digital marketing (who doesn’t?), you should keep reading.

According to the study, US adults will spend an average of 43 minutes a day on social networks in 2016, with half that time (22 minutes) spent on Facebook alone. Between 2013 and 2018, time spent on social networks is predicted to grow another 5.9%.

Facebook has one small thing to thank for this big increase in activity – the smartphone. Of those 22 Facebook minutes, 16 of them will be accessed by phones and tablets, compared to only 6 from desktops and laptops. Mobile Facebook use is expected to continue to increase, with growth of 12.9% by 2018, while other means will decline 7.5%.

What does this mean for dealers? As the saying goes, one must fish where the fish are, and your online fish are on their mobile devices and social media.

Like other Facebook advertisers, you need to consider your budget allocation between devices. According to the study, Facebook will make almost twice as much ad revenue from mobile ($0.35 per hour per adult on mobile compared to $0.19 from desktops and laptops). The most compelling copy, prettiest images, and valuable offers won’t matter if you’re paying to show them on the wrong device.

We just threw out a lot of numbers. Like we show our dealers all the time, data without a plan is useless. Facebook offers valuable insights into your audience that can drive your social advertising, as well as providing direction for your other dealership marketing. But you have to know how to interpret and use that data to deliver results for your dealership.

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