Naked Lime Dealer: Best Month in 37 Years For Service

At Naked Lime, we pride ourselves on our people, our services, and the results we produce for our dealers. Glenbrook Dodge offers advice to dealerships who are on the fence about investing in a long-term marketing partnership.

Dear Naked Lime,

When we were searching for a new marketing company, there were others who were cheaper. But advertising is like putting a roof on your building – the cheapest quote often costs you more.

Naked Lime Targeted Marketing works directly with our CRM. We can track who saw which messages and call them through our BDC, so we’re following up and locking those customers down. It’s a beautiful marriage between the two.

As a result of our system integration and our new BDC, we recently had the best month in 37 years for service and our RO count is up 30%.

Before, our marketing was expensive and not effective. We were spending a lot of money for 2-4% return rates by just guessing who to mail. Sometimes you hit a home run, but more often than not you hit a single or strike out. With Targeted Marketing from Naked Lime, we’re hitting more home runs than ever.

The reporting is fantastic and the results speak for themselves. We’ve got the big three covered – increases in gross, repair orders, and profit. I’m also able to track email capture rates by advisor which holds their feet to the fire. We’re seeing over 80% email capture rate as a result. I’m very happy with it.

As a director for several stores, managing our marketing had become a hassle. I don’t need to have 6 different vendors working towards one goal. On paper it might look cheaper, but I am sure in productivity it cost me thousands. Naked Lime has helped take things off my plate and made the entire process efficient and easy.

Dan Bailey
Service Director
Glenbrook Dodge
Fort Wayne, IN

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