4 Ways for Content Creators to Crush Writer's Block

man with writers block

Good, unique content has become the foundation of digital marketing. From fresh website content for search rankings, to engaging social media content, to emails and newsletters that attract attention and customers – generating new ideas is a never-ending job.

So what do you do when you sit down to write and it’s nothing but a struggle?

Our Naked Lime eNewsletters team offers these four ways to get unstuck when the ideas won’t seem to flow.

1. Revisit what you’ve already written.

Just because content is older doesn’t mean it’s irrelevant.

Review what you’ve written before for your email newsletter or your blog and ask yourself, “What’s new about ‘vehicle X’?” or “What’s changed about ‘topic Y’ on which I can provide an update?” The answers can give you new ideas.

If you can, link to the previous post in your new one to help reconnect readers to your older content and boost SEO.

2. Read the news.

Sometimes a current news story can be a good hook or idea starter.

View national and local media outlets – newspapers, magazines, news websites, broadcast radio – to find out what’s going on in the world around you. Also check out journalists or other industry leaders on Facebook or Twitter to see what they’re talking about and how audiences respond.

Read what others have to say. Then, think about what you can write to connect those topics to your products or services and your audience.

3. Get inspired by others.

Besides news sites, what others are saying on their blogs can be a source of inspiration.

You might have four or five blogs you read consistently. Those bloggers help you track current trends and topics in your industry or your other passions and interests.

Use what they are saying as a jumping-off point and add something new to the conversation. Expand on their thoughts or maybe take an opposing view.

Whatever your view point, provide proper attribution if you quote or repost part of someone else’s blog.

4. Ask for audience participation.

People have made a decision to read your content because they find it interesting and useful. Their opinions also can be valuable in helping shape what you say.

Encourage your audience to share their thoughts by writing a post that asks them to interact with you. Write a few paragraphs about your experiences or feelings on a specific topic. Then, ask your readers to respond to a few open-ended questions.

Watch the comments section for your readers’ responses. Add your replies to their comments or ask follow-up questions. Keep the conversation going on social media by tweeting about your post or sharing it on Facebook, and respond to comments there, too.

Finally, reflect on what your readers had to say. You can write a new post that recaps their responses and your comments. Or, create another post based on an idea sparked by the discussion.


Content marketing can help your dealership connect to customers and generate interest in your products or services. But, you need a steady stream of new content to help keep people informed and engaged.

When you’re uninspired or just plain stuck, use these tips to change up how you approach your writing and get typing away. Good luck!