Digital Reputation Counts: Take Charge in Your Service Department, Part 2

Automotive Dealership Reputation Management

In the first part of our reputation series from Fixed Ops Magazine, Naked Lime Director of Web Services Brad Highland wrote about the importance of having a plan of attack, or overall strategy for managing your dealership's online reputation. Read on for advice on what to do when it takes a turn for the worse.

Even the best dealerships will encounter the occasional unhappy customer.

If someone posts negative feedback about your Service Department online, there’s a right way and a wrong way to respond.

The tone and timing of your response is important. Most dealers either want to ignore negative comments because they're unpleasant to deal with, or fire back immediately. A timely response is necessary, but don't rush – take the time necessary to investigate the circumstances and what it might take to make the customer happy again. Customers who post negative reviews can often be emotional, but responding with emotion is never a good idea.

What you say and when you say it matters in repairing existing customer relationships and making a positive impression on prospects. Here’s why:

  • One in three consumers who leave a negative online review and then receives a response from that business will re-post a positive review.
  • 34% of dissatisfied customers will delete their negative review after receiving a professional response from the business, according to RightNow, a customer relationship management company cited by Forbes.

Your plan for managing your digital reputation also should include guidance on how to interact with customers who leave a positive review. Acknowledging the time it took to say something nice about your Service Department can go a long way in building even stronger long-term relationships.

It's a lot to manage – being aware of all the places customers talk, investigating each situation, and crafting appropriate responses. It's also a lot to entrust to a third party who might not be as invested in your own name and reputation as you are.

Luckily, we know people who are invested and know your business. They can take care of the unpleasant online stuff so you can focus creating more happy Service customers. Call them at 855.NKD.LIME or email