Fix Your Dealership's Service Marketing: Part 5

Author: Naked Lime Marketing

Date: June 3, 2016

Topics: Web

Dealership Service Department Marketing

Faithful readers, you've made it. The last installment in our Service Marketing series. Thanks for sticking with it, and hopefully picking up some useful tips along the way.

Everything up to this point has been helping customers find and choose you instead of a competitor when they need to service their vehicles. To wrap things up, we want you to review your service processes within your dealership. Your goal should be to look for ways to improve the consumer experience as well as the efficiency of your Service Department.

In the last exercise, you scheduled an online appointment. Ask one of your Service Advisors to bring up the appointment in your dealership management system (DMS).

  • Does all of the data from your online appointment system integrate into the DMS?
  • How much re-keying or additional data entry does the Service Advisor have to do before printing the repair order?

Next, review what happens as the vehicle moves through the shop.

  • Can you automatically notify waiting customers of the status of their vehicles?
  • Can customers who used your online appointment system also check the status of their repairs online?
  • Does anyone approach Service customers with good trade-in options to help move them into a new vehicle?

Finally, look at your Service Invoice process.

  • When repairs are finished, are customers notified automatically or does the Service Advisor have to make an outbound phone call?
  • Can customers pay directly from an electronic notification or do they have to visit the cashier?

Takeaways: If your online processes are smooth, customers will expect a similar experience when they visit your Service Department. Reviewing your in-store processes can result in happier customers and a more efficient workday for your team.

This series was written to help you look at your Service Department as a customer would. See what they see. Experience what they experience. Then, make the necessary adjustments to help give customers the best possible Service experience at your dealership. You'll attract more customers to your Service Department and keep loyal ones coming back.

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