Breaking Down Barriers to Digital Car Sales

Author: Naked Lime Marketing

Date: July 6, 2016

Topics: Web

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Why can’t we buy a car online from a dealership, start to finish?

Explore the question and learn the answers in Naked Lime's latest whitepaper, Breaking Down Barriers to Digital Car Sales.

Despite the popularity of internet shopping, barriers still exist to selling some things online, including vehicles. Generally, the more complex the sale – the more parties involved and regulations governing the transaction – the harder it is has been to realize a full e-commerce vision.

That’s certainly the case in the automotive industry, especially for new vehicle sales.

But those roadblocks don’t mean demand isn't there, or that some businesses haven’t already broken down barriers to online car sales.

Here are a few examples:

  • A used car or truck is sold once every five minutes on eBay Motors.
  • Sites like Beepi and Carvana are challenging existing models for selling used vehicles online.
  • Roadster acts as the middleman between the dealership and the buyer, handling much of the new or used vehicle sale online. Then, the paperwork and delivery are completed at the buyer’s home or office, rather than at the dealership.
  • Some dealerships also have built their own Roadster-like sales model, working the sale online and then completing the sale and delivery at the buyer’s location.
  • A number of car companies, including General Motors, Toyota, and Volvo, are developing ways to sell vehicles online.

The success of these newer digital car-shopping models makes it even more important for dealerships to adopt an e-commerce mindset in preparing for the future of automotive retailing – a future when we can buy any car online, without setting foot in a retail store or signing any physical paperwork.

Download the whitepaper to learn how to push your dealership in that direction.

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