Digital Reputation Counts: Take Charge in Your Service Department, Part 4

Dealership Reputation Management Survey

You made it to the final installment our dealership reputation management series. Brad Highland, our director of Web Services, has walked you through how to react to every reputation scenario. Stick around for important advice on being proactive instead of reactive.

When you manage your online reputation, you’ll know what customers are saying about your Service Department. But what if customers don’t post about their experience on review sites or social media? How can your Service Department prevent or fix issues you may not know exist?

Ask your Service customers through an email survey.

By being proactive, you can uncover customer concerns earlier and potentially prevent customers from posting a negative online review.

How can you encourage feedback?

  • Clearly brand the email survey so customers can identify your dealership as the sender.
  • Send the survey within 48 hours of the customer’s Service visit.
  • Keep it short. Ask three or four questions on the customer’s experience and satisfaction with the service process.
  • Provide links to review sites and dealership social media accounts to drive engagement and encourage positive reviews.

There’s an added bonus with sending Service Department follow-up email surveys.

Because you’re sending them to customers quickly, you can receive feedback and resolve concerns before any OEM survey is distributed, ultimately helping you improve your overall CSI.

But all that effort is wasted if you don't use the feedback to improve your business. Issues that come up repeatedly in online reviews or email surveys could signal an operational problem.

Handle complaints individually with customers, but also review your processes to determine what improvements you can make to help prevent those comments altogether.

A comprehensive reputation management plan is a lot of work. Trust us, we know. But you can't ignore the bad things and hope they go away – the opposite tends to happen in the online world. If you need help building a digital reputation that will win over more consumers and keep loyal customers coming back, call 855.NKD.LIME or email