Disrupt the Cycle, Part 1: Reduced Brand Defection

Customer Profile: Check Engine light on. Can upgrade for $20 less per month

Using real market information to target your dealership’s marketing messages lets you send the right message through the right channel to the right people. It’s a proven way to start the buying cycle with customers outside your dealership.

But what about using targeted marketing with customers already at your dealership?

It might seem redundant at first, but it’s not. Your best leads are already in your dealership. You just need to step out of your showroom and into your Service drive.

Marketing to your Service customers is a proven way to disrupt the customer buying cycle and bring them into the Sales funnel sooner.

In addition to increasing vehicle sales, you can acquire quality, in-demand used inventory to resell, start a new warranty period, and keep your Sales and Service cycle rolling.

What happens when you disrupt that cycle?

#1 Reduced Brand Defection

If you wait to talk to consumers until they’re already looking for a new car, you’ve missed a huge opportunity. They’ve already started their search without you.

Drivers are hanging onto their vehicles longer and longer. With the age of the U.S. cars on the road now approaching 12 years on average, you’re more likely to see new customers for service than for sales.

But keeping those vehicles doesn’t always translate into brand loyalty. In fact, quite the opposite is true. An Experian Automotive study found that the longer the ownership, the less likely they are to buy the same brand next time.

Your dealership should be approaching your Service customers with a specific, tailored offer to buy a newer vehicle before they even begin to shop for their next car.

When customers accept offers made in the Service lanes, you’re one step ahead of defection. You’ve created new sales for the dealership, captured high quality trade-ins, and made their Service experience one they’ll remember for the right reasons.

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