OEM Marketing: How to Stand Out When the Rules Are All the Same

Stand out with custom dealership marketing strategy

Every seller wants the new buyer – Samsung wants the Apple customer, UnderArmor wants the Nike customer, and Burger King wants the McDonald’s customer.

We all want to win business from our competitors. And we’re all at the mercy of the consumer’s connection to a brand.

Auto brand loyalty is below 50%, and it decreases the longer a person owns the car.

Let’s pretend you’re a Chevy dealer. That means half of your customers won’t even look at another Chevy when buying their next vehicle. Your OEM marketing programs rely on brand loyalty, but they can no longer count on customers to buy from Chevy again just because they did before.

You need to give them a reason to buy from you.

OEM marketing initiatives are not effective at branding your dealership. Under those programs, your website and ads look almost identical to everyone else’s. Your direct mail pieces and emails are the same. Your social media posts are the OEM messaging, which is exactly the same as every other Chevy dealer.

OEM programs are designed to promote their brand, not your dealership. There is some benefit to dealers for that brand recognition – buyers know what to expect from the experience. But many OEM marketing tools miss huge opportunities like used car sales and customers outside the manufacturer timelines for sales or service.

Are you willing to keep bleeding new car sales to your competition simply because you’re limiting your marketing?

With the declining brand loyalty we mentioned, there are a good number of shoppers with no real loyalty who become potential customers if you target them.

Samsung doesn’t market just to the people who already love them – they go after the Apple loyalist, the ones who are on the fence, or the ones simply unaware of the advantages they offer. That’s what you need to do – break through and take sales from the other brands already doing the same to you.

When you pay for OEM marketing, who are you really promoting? How much are you spending to promote Chevy and send shoppers straight to your competitors?

We understand the importance of OEM program compliance. We work to build OEM relationships to help dealers be more effective within those programs.

But only Naked Lime goes beyond the OEM mandates with a marketing team that crafts your message with your branding and conveys it consistently across all channels, so your dealership will be seen earlier and remembered longer.

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