Making the Perfect Match: Finding New Customers with Facebook

Facebook Targeting for Dealership Marketing

Using social media for your business is a lot like online dating. You’re trying to make a personal connection to find if you’re compatible and have a future together. It’s new. It’s exciting. It can be a little scary, too.

And, just like in online dating, to win at social media for business, you can’t play hard to get. If you want to find the perfect customer match, you’ve got to put yourself out there.

By now, most dealerships have some sort of social media presence. They post relevant content on their Facebook page and have conversations with their audience.

But, they’re still not doing all they can do to make personal connections and reach customers at the right time with the right message to increase sales.

That’s where Facebook’s advertising tools come in. Specifically, Custom Audiences are one of the most robust, versatile targeting tools in Facebook.

Custom Audiences allow businesses to tap into the hidden power of lists already in their customer database to make successful connections on Facebook.

With Custom Audiences, a business uploads a customer list and Facebook tries to match that list with usernames in its database. Facebook then serves up targeted ads to those matches to inspire action.

And, businesses see results. Custom Audiences have a high rate of match success (68%). These ads also deliver higher click-through rates (1.25%) than the average Facebook ad (0.9%).

With some out-of-the-box thinking, dealerships can use Custom Audiences to identify potential vehicle purchasers for less time and less money and pull them into the buying cycle sooner.

Some effective Custom Audiences campaigns include:

  • Targeting conquest customers in the buying cycle to attract them to the dealership and away from the competition.
  • Connecting with existing service customers to remind them about time or mileage interval maintenance services.
  • Sending messages to “lost” service customers to recapture their attention and encourage them to return for maintenance or repairs.
  • Reaching subprime shoppers with messages about how the special finance department can assist them in buying a car.

This kind of specific targeting can help dealers not only “be where their customers are” on Facebook, but to do so strategically in a way that helps dealers meet their business goals while also satisfying customer needs.

So are you done playing hard to get? Call 855.NKD.LIME or email to learn how Facebook Custom Audiences can make you more attractive to customers.