Overcoming Intimidation: The Move to Multi-channel Marketing

Multi-channel digital marketing for dealers

Many dealers think that because they have been in the business for generations, they know everything there is to know about dealership marketing.

The problem with that assumption is that today’s internet-paced, mobile-first consumers have far different expectations for an optimum retail experience – different from the generations before them, and different even from each other.

That means your dealership should be prepared when the need to buy a car strikes them – whenever and wherever it happens.

So how can you reach customers who are always on the go? Multi-channel Marketing.

Multi-channel marketing gives your dealership a single voice and puts that message where people already look every day. Your dealership then reaches car shoppers no matter where they are in the buying cycle or what channels they’re using to find information.

Maintaining that single focus in your marketing is time-consuming and can be intimidating. But it is not impossible if you keep these three things in mind:

1. Consistency

The volume of advertisements people are exposed to increases each day. People need to interact with a message multiple times before it resonates. The more they see your message, the more likely they are to act.

Because people are barraged with so much marketing activity, the messages conveyed on each channel need consistency to be the most effective. You need only to modify the presentation of that message for each channel.

2. Flexibility

When you understand the value and goals of each marketing channel, you have the flexibility to adjust channel emphasis and budget allocations as your goals evolve.

For example, if your goal is to*:

  • Get a Click
    • Email Marketing gets 68% higher conversion rates when directed to a dedicated landing page.
  • Get a Lead
    • Conversion rates from organic traffic to the website rise 47% with the addition of Incentive-based Behavioral Marketing.
    • Direct Mail creates a 17% lift in email marketing and a 46% lift in conversions when used in conjunction with email marketing.
  • Get a Lead and Support the Message:
    • Using Targeted Remarketing gains 16% higher click-through rate (CTR) and 35% higher conversion than traditional display.
    • Websites with an instant Value My Trade page convert 58% more leads than sites without.
  • Support the Message:
    • The specific Content used can create a 66% lift in traffic for the website.
    • Electronic Media creates a 112% lift in traffic for the website.
    • Social Media helps create a 64% increase in click-through rates for email marketing.

3. Endurance

Your customers are armed with more information than ever before. They check and verify that information across multiple channels before they decide to buy. Your dealership’s marketing should hit each channel they'll consult.

Remember, using multiple channels in your marketing plan requires a lot of work and attention. Messages need to be updated continuously, for every channel, to stay current and relevant to shoppers.  In the digital age, information available ten minutes ago is already old.

That’s why it can be daunting to coordinate all of your dealership’s marketing efforts to maximize effectiveness. Luckily, you don’t have to go it alone; there are services that can do just that for you.

Naked Lime has dedicated team members that can help provide resources and insight to get your dealership marketing channels working together.  Call 855.NKD.LIME or email info@nakedlime.com today to get started.


*Statistics from an OnlineDrive study.