Your Dealership Website: Under-used Sales Tool or Valuable Virtual Showroom?

dealership websites for ecommerce

We don’t just think a growing number of customers prefer most of the car buying experience to happen online – we know they do, and we’ve known that for a while now.

Despite this fact, and despite the tools and services available to compete in the growing e-commerce arena, many dealers still aren’t prepared to meet customer expectations.

Your website remains the foundation of your online dealership – your showroom in the digital world. Without a strong web presence, the rest of your marketing has nothing to stand on. Having a fully functional, user-friendly website is like “getting back to basics” in digital terms: it’s just the beginning of what you need to reach shoppers and attract them to your store.

How do you know if yours is working?

Verify that your site allows customers to view inventory and price, fill out financial information, and schedule sales and service appointments. Also consider adding trade-in appraisal tools, links to finance and insurance product information, and even tools for placing a down payment. These are the keys to advancing your website from a tool that gets people in the door, to a virtual dealership where full vehicle sales transactions can eventually happen start-to-finish.

Once you’ve invested in building the best website, it’s time to invest in driving customers to it. A good marketing partner can help you with with a custom strategy that includes email marketingdigital advertising, SEO and social media, and reputation management.

You can't go wrong by taking steps to ensure your website can fully support your dealership in the e-commerce space. When done right, a proactive strategy will set you apart from the competition and prepare you for the future of online transactions.

Are you ready to take your web presence to the next level? Learn more about how your dealership can compete in the digital world here.