Dealership Marketing Success Story: Joe Holland Chevrolet

Dealership marketing success with Joe Holland

Naked Lime is always grateful for clients who let other dealerships know they are happy with our marketing services. Without further ado…

Dear Naked Lime,

My first meeting with Naked Lime was at the GM Compass meeting. I was initially turned off when I heard  you were a marketing agency, because that's what I did at the time. I was not yet the BDC manager, so all I did was market for the dealership.

I know a lot of dealers don't know what they are doing when it comes to marketing, but I do. I watched your demo and learned how you analyze things and what data you use. I understood everything well, but we were on the fence. At that time we had CDK and I was very unhappy with the results we were getting.

I chose Naked Lime because you were easier to work with. I judge people quickly. It became apparent that I would be able to depend on you better than the others. It was a better working relationship from the beginning.

We didn’t buy all the services at once. I bought something and liked it and grew. I kept giving you more because I'm able to trust you with more.

It’s very important to have everything working together. The services complement each other, and I like that we all get on the phone together and go through each part of our marketing. Now I can have everything taken care of at one time in one hour and depend on it being done. That means a lot.

When we were with CDK, they wanted full control of our analytics. They would hide things and try to make it look like some areas were performing better. When I moved away from CDK I lost two years of analytics. Naked Lime lets me have access and you let me have a say. That's a big deal to me. It's a trust thing.

Naked Lime has transparent reporting, but we can see the results. We market with our social media and have had a huge increase in Facebook fans. It increases our reach and who we can market to. When I have almost as many fans as the local radio station and can reach as many people, it's a big deal for me.

Naked Lime saves me time. It's just a lot easier on me as the BDC and Marketing person here. I have more time to focus on growing the business, handling leads, and closing deals.

Arden Hamrick
Marketing and BDC Director
Joe Holland Chevrolet
South Charleston, WV

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