Happy Customers, Happier Sales Staff: Bert Ogden Dealership Marketing Success Story

Good dealership marketing is always an asset, but how often do you hear that a marketing service actually changed the way the dealership does business?

Read how it happened for one General Manager.

Dear Naked Lime,

I’ve always liked the idea of a customer data tool, especially because where our dealership is located, we have to create our own showroom traffic. With XtreamService, we are pulling more business from the other two Toyota stores nearby. When they service their car here, we get another shot at them.

It used to be a game of guesswork. We were approaching service customers just hoping they weren’t upside down on the car and hoping they had the credit. Customers were upset that we promised we would get them in the same car with the same payment before we realized they didn’t meet the criteria. Many sales reps were reluctant to talk to our service customers, but they go in with confidence now. They fight over those leads.

The Xtream approach is now how we get our day started. It’s the best way to get our blood flowing in the morning, because we automatically start talking to service customers instead of waiting for the sales appointment. Sometimes at 8am, we already have 4 or 5 deals working.

Our sales reps walk in knowing every aspect of the deal. We know what payment they are comfortable with. We know what their trade is worth. The deals are a lot faster, too. The customer leaves happy.

We tend to make a lot more money on the Xtream leads because we have more control over the deal. Those customers didn't come in here expecting to buy a vehicle. They weren't doing their research. They haven't shopped 10 other dealers.

We've had numerous people leave and say, “Man I just came in here to change the oil.” We've sold one customer cars during two different oil changes. His wife told him to stop coming here to change the oil.

For the price, our return is huge – probably the best return of anything we have. Not only do we make new car sales, but we get used car inventory as well. It’s two sales, not one.


Adrian Burone
General Manager
Bert Ogden Toyota
Harlingen, TX

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