How Old-School Mail Marketing Survives the Internet Age

Direct mail stamp

Direct mail marketing is like a Twinkie® – still delicious after all these years. They're both still here because people still love them.

How does the humble snack cake compete with more flashy molecular gastronomy? Trusted traditions and mass appeal.

That doesn't mean direct mail hasn't adapted to the digital economy. Going high-tech with your dealership's mail strategy is what makes customers crave your messages.

How to keep your mail from going stale:

Personalize It

Forbes found that 84% of people reported personalization made them more likely to open a direct mail piece. Think about it – if your name was up in lights, you'd stop and take a look. When you take the time to select and address an offer directly to a customer, they'll feel valued and fussed over. It's even better when they open that mail piece their information is all correct. Which leads to…

Clean It

Picture this: You are in a busy grocery store and catch a glimpse of someone you think you know. You start waving, smiling, and walking toward them – then stop to awkwardly explain that you thought they were someone else. Even more embarrassing? Sending a customer information about the wrong car. Making sure your data is cleansed properly will show that you care enough about them and their experience to only send what they want to read. Speaking of what they want…

Segment It

You can have too much of a good thing – even Twinkies®. Targeting your messages to custom audiences helps you avoid overloading them, and keeps them excited about your offers. Segmentation can help you reactivate inactive or lost customers, and keep your current customers happier.

Don’t underestimate what a piece of mail can do for your business. Check out this infographic about the effectiveness of direct mail from Experian, then let us know how we can sweeten your strategy.

direct mail infographic