Dealership Story: Marketing Success with eNewsletters

Dealership eNewsletter Success Storey

As one of Naked Lime's newer dealer services, our eNewsletters are sometimes overlooked as a valuable marketing tool. Not by this dealership. Once you read their experience, we don't think you'll overlook eNewsletters anymore, either.

Dear Naked Lime,

We had a digital newsletter for several years, but we were experiencing some challenges with our provider. Their timelines were very restrictive, which resulted in little flexibility to publish articles when we wanted to. It felt like we were working on their schedule instead of doing what was best for us. Our overall experience with them was very impersonal.

In choosing a new vendor, the consistent communication and professionalism made Naked Lime Marketing stand out from the others. Another big factor for us choosing Naked Lime was the service your team provides. You focus on us and our schedule. Just last month we had an important article that came up last minute and your team worked to get it published. That level of service would have never happened with our old provider. Your competitors don’t even come close.

Since switching to Naked Lime last year, we have already seen great results with our eNewsletter. More service appointments are being scheduled in a more organized fashion. In three months, we had 188 ROs in our Chevrolet store alone from customers who had interacted with our newsletter before coming in. For four years with our previous company, we never scheduled service appointments through our newsletter. The added traffic has been phenomenal.

In my 25 years, I have never seen the kind of return we are getting now. From the results and service alone, I am very excited about our partnership with Naked Lime.


Anthony Messina
BDC Manager
Ryan Chevrolet
Monroe, LA

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