The 4 Dealership Laws of Attraction

Inspiring Customer Loyalty and Creating Repeat Buyers

As dealership profits are squeezed and industry sales level off, whispers of the “P” word—plateau—seem to have become reality.

That new reality means dealers need to reevaluate the way they do business, including their strategies for building customer loyalty and creating repeat buyers.

This is becoming harder to achieve, because today’s buyers are perhaps less loyal than at any point in the industry’s history.

Highly informed and driven by a desire for convenience, superior customer service, and a positive experience, today’s car buyers expect—and require—a different approach.

To earn repeat business from these customers, you have to combine customer engagement, an understanding of how and where shoppers are spending their time, and the ability to target your marketing accordingly.

Among all the options available to help dealers deliver a more rewarding customer experience, there are four built with those goals in mind.

These four “laws” are proven to help build loyalty. When you understand and address them, loyalty and retention are sure to follow.

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