Digital Strategy Series: Zeroing in with SEO and Social

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Naked Lime's VP of Sales, Chris Walsh, was interviewed by Reynolds and Reynolds for their Digital Strategy Series. In the first of the series of interviews, Chris encouraged dealers to identifiy quality leads by leveraging existing DMS data.

If you've done that, you're already one step ahead of the competition.

Now, how are you going to target those leads with relevant, useful, actionable offers and insights?

If you’re looking to drive potential customers to your website, it’s critical to put fully managed search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing services to work for you. And, this strategy is built on quality content that your customers actually want to seek out.

More insights from Chris on SEO and Social for dealerships:

Tell me about how an SEO strategy is meant to drive traffic to the dealer’s website, and ultimately the showroom floor.

Shoppers use 24 research touch points on average during the purchasing process. The whole point of SEO is to position your site to be not only one of those points, but the one they stop on and say, “This is it. This is what I’ve been looking for.”

You achieve this with targeted on-and-off-site SEO, typically performed by a vendor partner’s team of specialists. A good SEO strategy depends on unique, keyword-targeted website content that pushes your site to the top of organic search results.

Content really is king. Quality content is what can differentiate your brand from advertising noise, and it’s what can establish a connection and emotional resonance with the customer. Make sure to keep any dealership blog posts or posts on national automotive blogs fresh, and always make sure your content is relevant, useful, and pointing your customer to some actionable insight.

How does a social media presence help dealers better target potential customers?

At this point pretty much everyone understands that you need to have some sort of presence on social media. Social media can help dealers get found through organic search, social site search, and local search.

But, having that organic presence is honestly just the beginning – it should be setting the stage for going beyond posting with paid advertising.

Facebook’s Core Audiences, Custom Audiences, and Lookalike Audiences offer targeting capabilities that are data-driven and ready to be leveraged. Once again, having the right content to hook your targeted audience and meet their needs is critical here.

Any final thoughts you’d like to leave dealers with in this area?

While 87% of new vehicle owners say they're likely to buy the same brand the next time they’re in-market, only 56 percent actually do.

Depending on brand loyalty or even a good reputation just isn’t enough to get you to that top-tier level of growth and profitability.

It’s time to get proactive in your marketing efforts, and a great step in the right direction is taking advantage of the pinpoint precision that SEO and social have to offer.

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