Online Reviews: Good for Dealership Business and Valuable for SEO

Dealership Reputation Management

There was a time when digital marketing could be accurately described as the “Wild West,” when every shift in technology and every innovation meant new and exciting advertising possibilities.

The downside of such an environment is the difficulty that comes when it’s time to set rules definitions that everyone can easily grasp, such as with Google’s search engine ranking factors – an enigma to many for a long time.

We know there are many factors, like quality content, keyword targeting, and link-building, that provide SEO value. But often, we don’t consider online reputation as an SEO factor, thinking of it instead as its own separate problem to solve.

When you leverage positive reviews by converting them into content that advocates for your business or brand – both on your website and third-party sites – you position yourself to outrank competitors in search results and engage customers on social media simultaneously, boosting SEO across the board.

Leveraging Reviews as Content

When digital marketers talk about quality content, we’re usually thinking of a creative piece that manages to be timely, useful, and relevant to your customers – something that will incentivize them to take a specific action regarding your business or brand.

What doesn’t get talked about as often, however, are some of the alternatives to original ad content that are just waiting to be leveraged.

Positive customer reviews can serve this purpose and prove just as engaging, if not more, than an ad. Why?

For starters, a 5-star customer review grabs attention. It carries the promise of consumer insight and a useful recommendation – perhaps with an interesting or funny story thrown in for good measure.

Sharing the evidence of your hard-earned digital reputation reminds your social followers of what made them follow you in the first place – excellent service and a quality experience. That pushes your existing followers to share your content with other people they may think would benefit from your service, expanding your reach and boosting SEO. This is especially true for those people who begin their product search specifically by looking for reviews.

Positive reviews also assist directly in boosting SEO thanks to Google’s concept of “website authority.” That is, sites that can earn good reviews consistently over a certain period of time are favored by Google Search, since Google is always looking for those links that will prove most useful and relevant to their users. There’s a reason star ratings are highly visible on search engine results pages!


You are rewarded in SEO results for maintaining a positive digital reputation, both directly by Google and indirectly by the influence marketers you subtly put to work for you on social media.

Make sure you have a process in place that gathers positive customer reviews to leverage as content on your website and third-party sites, especially social media.

Promote your business on third-party sites relevant to your customers to ensure your positive ratings are getting pulled by search engines, boosting your search rankings.

Finally, always respond to reviews – both positive and negative – in a way that communicates genuine concern for the customer experience. Your digital reputation can be a boon to your SEO efforts, but that reputation ultimately depends on how engaged with your existing customer base you’re ready to be.

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