Top 5 Dealership Marketing Stories of 2017

Top 5 Dealership Marketing Blog Posts

As we advise our dealership customers to evaluate their past marketing – what worked, what didn’t, and why – when planning for the new year, we took a look at our own content so see what readers liked the most.

In case you missed any of them, we present the top Naked Lime blog posts of 2017.

1. Direct Mail Marketing for Dealerships: Myth-Busting Infographic

In this digital age, snail mail from marketers goes straight from the mailbox to the trashcan without a second glance, right? Wrong. This post tells you why.

2. Two Easy Steps to Better Email Marketing for Your Dealership

You probably thought that once you pressed “send” on your last dealership marketing email, your job was done. But email marketing is just the beginning of an ongoing conversation between you and your car buyers.

3. How Dealers Can RISE Above the Marketing Noise

When dealership marketing challenges become more complex, it can be easy to forget some of the basic, but still important, obstacles facing your campaigns. Get back to basics and build on a strong foundation going forward.

4. Happy Customers, Happier Sales Staff: Bert Ogden Dealership Marketing Success Story

Good dealership marketing is always an asset, but how often do you hear that a marketing service actually changed the way the dealership does business? Read how it happened for one General Manager.

5. Dealer Marketing Testimonial: Horse and Buggy vs. Rocket Ship

As marketers, we try to paint word pictures and use creative analogies to convey the benefits of our services. We like it better when dealers choose the perfect words on their own. Read how Carl Hogan Automotive thinks Naked Lime compares to the rest.

Marketing changes by the minute, and we’re honored that you followed us through the wild collection of minutes that made up 2017. Now on to the next one…