4 Secrets of Selling Under the Influence(er)

Influencer marketing for dealerships

Influencer marketing is a call back to the old days of celebrity endorsements, but updated for our digital times. Why does this kind of marketing remain so popular? Trust.

In a research study done by MarketingProfs “90% [of consumers] trust product or service recommendations from people they know.”

The most popular channels for Influencer marketing are Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, with Instagram holding the top spot for over 90% of businesses.

How can you harness the power of Influencer marketing for your dealership?

  1. Choose Your Influencer Wisely

The majority of dealership business is local. You don’t necessarily need an A-list celebrity with millions of followers to promote your message. Someone with good standing in the community and local appeal can be just as effective – hometown heroes, athletes who made it big, etc. Just be sure their personal brand aligns with your business values so you can defend your choice.

  1. Be Interesting

It’s easy and tempting to have influencers simply post pictures of themselves on Instagram. It’s also boring, uninspired, and can come off as unauthentic. The audiences for the influencers will recognize this and may respond negatively. Instead, try to create engaging content that fits in with what they would do naturally. If it doesn’t look like an advertisement, it’s the best kind of advertisement.

  1. Be Honest

The FTC has said they will be cracking down on brands working with influencers. To avoid legal troubles, make sure influencer posts state that something is #sponsored or a #ad. Actually, don’t use #ad. It looks spammy. Instead have them say they are partnering with you. So for Naked Lime Motors, they’d use #NakedLimeMotorsPartner on their posts, videos, etc.

  1. Be Tactical

Just like any other advertising, you want to do more than a one-off campaign. Make sure you’ve got a long-term plan. Plan out your posts and content for weeks and track your progress. See what is doing well, and what doesn’t perform. Are you getting a good ROI? Is the market segment what you were going for? What are your post engagements like?

These are just some of the ways that influencer campaigns can really boost the productivity of your digital marketing. For more about overall digital strategy for your dealership, call 855.NKD.LIME or email info@nakedlime.com to put the experts to work for you.