“Ok, Google” – How to Prep your Dealership for Voice Search

voice recognition with smart phone

Local Search started in 1886 with the first Yellow Pages directory. If you needed a plumber, hotel, or florist, you had to get out that enormous book, which only contained local information (forget traveling out of state) and take a stab at guessing which of the many listed businesses was the right choice.

Then the internet came in and swept us off our feet. With the creation of the search engine, suddenly we not only had the ability to specifically look up local and out-of-state businesses, we could read reviews and our decisions were made with more information than we’d ever had before.

And yet another change is here. Voice Search. And it’s shaping consumer behavior in a new way.

Whether our hands are full, or we’re too lazy for tedious typing, or we need information on the go, more and more people are turning to voice-activated search assistants.

One man even brought his Amazon Alexa for a drive…and loved it.

We want quick answers to simple questions. “Where is the nearest car dealership?” “What is today's forecast?” “How many calories in a McDouble?”

So how should dealerships tackle Voice Search?

1. Answer their question. Simply put, make sure your information is available, easy to find, and clear.

Because voice search assistance pulls information from primarily Google or Bing, it is essential to make sure your Google My Business and Bing Places pages are claimed and up-to-date, complete with your hours of operation, services, and phone number.

2. Anticipate their needs. Don’t limit yourself to just the details of your dealership. Optimize your website for SEO with a FAQ page or blog that answers more general automotive questions, which can drive traffic to your website from search engines. The stronger your online presence is, the more likely you are to be found.

3. Track your Reputation. Make sure you are aware of your dealership’s public profile across every website from Google to Facebook and all social sites in-between. Amazon Echo, for example, pulls location listings from Yelp, so it’s important to make sure your reputation is being monitored.

And if that sounds overwhelming, let one of our dedicated specialists handle it all for you. To get started, talk to one of our digital marketing experts at 855.NKD.LIME or info@nakedlime.com.