Google Update: What Dealers Need to Know

search page

The words that cause panic in the hearts of website owners and SEO specialists the world over – GOOGLE UPDATE.

Often, we are left to wonder if an update happened when we see abnormal patterns in our website traffic after the fact. This time, Google left no need for speculation by announcing that there has been a “broad core algorithm update” for search.

But unlike Penquin, Panda, and other updates in the past, this was not meant to punish websites. Instead, Google announced in a series of Tweets that the update was “designed to fix page rankings that were previously under-rewarded.”

That means that instead of low quality pages or content being demoted, Google is trying to serve results that best answer questions.

Will you see your pages plummet in the search results? Probably not. Google explained that “As with any update, some sites may note drops or gains. There’s nothing wrong with pages that may now perform less well.”

If your page rankings dropped following the update, there’s no “fix” to it, because nothing is broken. As search habits change, and people look for answers to questions rather than stringing together keywords, Google updates will focus more on matching site content to user intent.

Our advice: Continue to focus on publishing great content that answers questions and provides user value. Google prioritizes quality content that is written to help people, not to appease an algorithm.