Facebook Data: The New Rules around Theirs, Yours, and Ours

Facebook like

If you somehow missed it, Facebook advertising is experiencing a bit of a shake-up.

On March 29, 2018 Facebook announced that over the next six months, they will remove the ability of advertisers to use Partner Categories, a targeting solution that enables third-party data providers to offer their targeting capabilities directly on Facebook.

According to the announcement, Partner Categories will be available to build new and edit existing campaigns until June 30, 2018. Existing campaigns leveraging Partner Categories for targeting will be allowed to run until October 1, 2018.

How does that affect dealership social advertising? It depends on the data you use.

Facebook Data

Outside of Partner Categories and other third-party targeting data, the full range of Facebook targeting and optimization tools will continue to be available. These include:

  • Core Audience Targeting (demographics, location, and interests)
  • Custom Audiences (helping advertisers find existing customers and contacts on Facebook)
  • Lookalike Audiences (helping advertisers find people on Facebook who are similar to your customers or contacts)
  • Pixel Based Retargeting (code on your web site that communicates visitor interactions to Facebook)
  • Offline Event Sets (using your own data to match offline customer actions with Facebook activity)

Your Data

While most of our dealerships are in the U.S. and serve local customers, Facebook is international. That means they will soon be bound by the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), a European Union effort to protect the privacy of their citizens.

These regulations are long and detailed, but basically give citizens control over how their personal information is used and require explicit consent for third parties to access and use it.

While marketers might not like having our old targeting options removed, marketers are people, too. We understand the need for consumer protections and will work within the new guidelines to still serve advertising relevant to audience interests – because that’s what we want for ourselves.

Our Data

This step doesn’t hurt companies like Naked Lime as much as some others due to the vast amount of our own data we can continue to leverage. We have no worries about our ability to continue to serve our customers at the high level they have come to expect. Companies without the infrastructure to house, secure, and analyze this data will be forced to provide sub-par targeting or purchase data from third-parties.

If you have any questions about how the new policies affect your dealership’s advertising, please call 855.653.5463 or email info@nakedlime.com.