Dealer Quiz: Where is Your Marketing Missing the Mark?

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Every dealership uses marketing to attract and retain customers. The question is, are your current marketing techniques scoring points where you need them?

Take the quiz below to see where you’re missing your shot.

Which part of your car dealership do you feel currently provides the lowest sales/revenue?

  1. Service Department
  2. New Cars
  3. Used Cars

Where are you allocating most of your marketing resources in attempt to promote?

  1. Service Department
  2. General brand awareness
  3. New/Used Cars

What is most important to you/gives you the most satisfaction?

  1. Getting your current customers to spend more money at your dealership/a successful upsell
  2. Being well known in the community
  3. Getting new customers

What is your favorite way to advertise?

  1. Trying to talk to customers while they are already in your dealership
  2. Word of mouth from customers to the rest of the public
  3. Social Media, Internet

What do you dread the most?

  1. Struggling to upsell to your customers
  2. Responding to negative reviews
  3. Thinking of social media marketing plans to advertise your dealership



Mostly 1s:

You’ve established a customer base, but you need to find a way to keep them coming back and spending more money. A great way to get the attention of existing customers is to grab them while they are in your service drive. Give them something to talk about and show them options they have that they may not have previously considered.


Mostly 2s:

Customer relations is the name of your game. You value the idea of making an impact on someone’s experiences through relationships and interactions. You need a service that will ensure that you are building and maintaining strong relationships with your customers.


Mostly 3s:

You are making marketing efforts to reach people and give them a reason to come into your dealership, but you may not always be sending the most relevant message to large groups of people. You need to dig deeper into your audiences and target certain groups with specific messages that are relevant to them.