Dealership Testimonial: Naked Lime Marketing is Money Well-Spent

Testimonial: They're like an extension of our store because they know exactly what we want and how we want it.

In this month of gratitude, we would be remiss if we didn't acknowledge how much we appreciate our customers. This is especially true of those willing to tell their stories to help other dealerships make big marketing decisions. 

Dear Naked Lime,

As the Internet Director for one of the largest standalone Lincoln dealerships in the country, how we’re seen and perceived online is important to us. When Lincoln changed direction about six years ago, our customers’ expectations went up. And because their expectations are higher, so are West Point Lincoln’s.

Naked Lime has been right there with us. They’re like an extension of our store because they know exactly what we want and how we want it.

What makes Naked Lime work for us really well is not only the integration with Contact Management, Reynolds Integrated Telephone System and ERA-IGNITE, but the fact that we’re always dealing with the same group of people. As opposed to our OEM website provider who says, “Yes, we’re going to have the same person with you”, and 6 months later I have to start all over again with someone new. The continuity of having the same group of people there is one of the best assets Naked Lime has to offer.

Another example of Naked Lime standing out; there was a competitive marketing company that came to us pitching a marketing piece, after looking at it I said, “Let me show you what we do.” I gave them a similar piece Naked Lime had produced for us and I told them, “This is why I don’t give you my business, they understand what our goals are and the quality of work that we require.”

Additionally, Naked Lime offers a great asset by how it integrates with our CRM and DMS systems. With Contact Management, if somebody calls us and says, “Hey I got this email…” the salesperson can look up the customer record and see what offer Naked Lime sent. We can do similar things with the Reynolds Integrated Telephone System. And of course, the direct access to our ERA-IGNITE puts everything under one umbrella.

If another dealership reached out to me and asked about my experience with Naked Lime or what my results have been like, I’d ask them why they’ve waited so long to use Naked Lime’s services.

It’s money well-spent.


Carlos B. Fraifeld
Internet Director
West Point Lincoln
Houston, TX