Dealership Reviews Gone Wild

Dealership Social and Reputation Management

We all do it. Whenever it is time to buy a new product or try a new service, one of the first things we do is check out reviews. We dig and dig on review sites and social media until we feel confident enough in our choice. This is especially true of making a big purchase, like choosing a new car or which dealership to buy it from.

Reviews tell it all – the good, the bad, the sad, the funny, and the ugly.

We hope your reviews don’t look like these actual dealership reviews we found. If they do, you need to have a plan in place.

  1. “Worst sales people for any type of business. They curse in front of children and disrespect people…even customers. This place has a bad reputation and people need to stay away from here. Horrible, horrible people. Talk about cheap…they make people pay to use their toilets.”
  2. “Amazing car. Although I have gotten in a few cop chases. Actually I'm in a cop chase right now. That's how fast the car is, I can stop and write a review and still not get caught.”
  3. “This car has been detrimental to my family and relationships… I can no longer tell if people like me for me or for my carNo one loves me for me anymore. So what's the use of having 2 seats with zero friends? It's useless space if you ask me.”

What should those dealers do?

Regardless of the reviews left about your dealership, we don’t recommend leaving your own negative reviews of your customers' opinions – and there are dealers who have. There are better ways to resolve the issue.

  • Show empathy for the situation at hand
  • Collect the customer’s contact information and take the conversation offline
  • Encourage them to update their review after the issue is solved

If things get weird, don’t hesitate to stick up for yourself (politely, of course).

  • “Tried to go in on my 21st birthday and they wouldn’t let me in because my license was vertical from out of state. You can’t get a horizontal license until you turn 21.”
  • “Hi, Sorry to hear about your troubles! However, we are a car dealer and sell exotic luxury brands. Not sure where you meant to leave the review, but would you kindly remove this as it affects our overall star rating. (We’re trying for 5 stars!) All the best!”

If any of these reviews made you cringe – well, good. It means you know your current customers are talking, and your future customers are listening.