Holiday Marketing Part I: Halloween Tricks & Treats

Halloween pattern

Buying a new car probably isn’t what most people think of when they think of Halloween. Though they might have a point, there is still a lot of untapped value in Halloween marketing for car dealerships.

You see, Halloween is the start of the holiday season and a peak time to focus on marketing with the intention of increasing brand awareness. If you use this time to get your community familiar with your dealership, they will be more likely to turn to you when they are ready to buy.

Here are our 2019 tricks and treats to dealership marketing:

Stay Relevant

Halloween is a free-for-all for pop culture references. Whether its costumes, decorations, or social media posts, you need to make sure you dealership is keeping up on trends. Using a pop culture reference that your audience understands and appreciates, helps you connect with them on a new level. By nature, humans are drawn to those who share similar interests as themselves.

In addition to pop culture trends, it is also important keep some other ideas in mind for Halloween marketing:

  • Halloween starts early: Nearly 40% of people start prepping for Halloween before October even begins. This means that much like the Christmas season, your Halloween marketing can be used for weeks.
  • Costumes for pets: Nothing bring fans to a Facebook page like a cute pup dressed as a sushi roll. We will leave it at that.
  • Halloween is for grown-ups: Get out of the way kids, this one is ours. 2018 marked the first year that Halloween was titled the favorite holiday of Millennials. If your dealership has been scratching its head about how to deal with the looming “how to market to Millennials” problem many businesses face, now is a good time to act.

Local Businesses are the New Front Porch

The tradition of going door-to-door demanding candy is not quite what it used to be for many U.S. families. With constant rising concerns for safety and convenience, one of the biggest emerging Halloween trends is parents bringing their children to local businesses to do their trick-or-treating.

This is an amazing opportunity for your dealership to become an active member of the community, while also getting people into your showroom. For the small price of fun-size candy, your dealership will be in the back of these parents’ minds the next time they are in need of a new car.

Our advice? Get the word out early, be festive, and don’t buy the cheap candy.

Tell Scary Stories

It's no secret that Americans have an obsession with true crime and scary stories. Numerous studies have shown that one of the main reasons for this morbid fascination is because it helps us feel prepared. People tend to focus on threats to their own well-being.

Take this into consideration when marketing your products and services. Talk about the dreadful fate that awaits those who ignore getting their 60,000-mile maintenance work done, or the horrific story of someone who didn’t buy GAP insurance and owed thousands on their totaled car. No one wants to fall victim to hard times, so readers will do what they can to feel prepared for misfortune.

Dress up your website

Wearing costumes is one of the central components of Halloween. So why not also dress up your website? Halloween’s main purpose is fun. Show your site visitors that your dealership knows how to have fun! You don’t have to limit yourself to spider webs and skeletons. Get creative and find a Halloween design that works best for your brand.

Let’s see what you come up with. Share your best Halloween marketing with us on Facebook!