Is the Thrill of Chasing New Customers Always Worth It?

exchange between shopping bag and money sign

It can be fun going after the next new thing. The thrill of the chase is exciting. It‘s even more exciting if you’re winning while taking away from someone else.

That’s human nature, but it often leads to dealership marketing too focused on attracting new sales customers.

While growing your base is important, don’t be so distracted by the thrill of constantly seeking new customers that you neglect your existing ones. What’s the point in investing in winning new business if you can’t keep it?

Every relationship has a honeymoon period, including your relationship with your customers. When the glow wears off, the real work starts, but it’s worth it. Repeat customers are where you find long-term value.

Still in denial that you need to spend just as much time retaining current customers as gaining new ones? Here’s your proof that when it comes to your customers, quality is as important as quantity.