The Best Way to Increase Dealership Sales? Know Your Service Customers.

customer profile: 20,000 mile service. Can upgrade

The way customers interact with your dealership today is noticeably different than it was twenty years ago. Your customers used to drag their children into the dealership, knew little about the models on your lot, and visited you because they bought from you last time or lived nearby. They expected to explain what they were looking for to their salesperson.

Now customers expect you to know what they need before they do.

When the average vehicle owner goes 6 years between purchases, predicting their needs is difficult. Many things affect what they'll look for next:

  • Schooling/training
  • Employment status/salary
  • Relocation
  • Marital status
  • Changing number of children at home

You can't know every detail about every customer. But market data, consumer trends, and demographic segments can give you the insights you need to come close. When you pair that information with your DMS data, you get a very clear picture of which customers are likely to buy. The data compares your customer to other people like them and suggests a deal based on customer needs and trends.

Where is the best place to use that data?  Your service drive.  Approaching service customers about their current needs can quickly turn them into a sales lead, especially when you know there is a high probability they will buy.

A service-to-sale success benefits every profit center in the dealership:

  • Used Vehicle Department: High-quality trade-in to re-sell on the lot or at auction
  • New Sales Department: Vehicle sale to rotate aging inventory and meet OEM incentives
  • Finance & Insurance Department: Extended warranties or insurance plans
  • Parts & Service Department: Internal ROs and a higher likelihood for continued service

If you can get in front of a prospect buyer before they start looking, you're likely to win the sale. Combining your customer data with predictive analytics allows you to plan the perfect approach.

Show up before they search.

Want to see what it looks like in action? Check out this customer case study.