Email Isn’t Just an Address – It’s Device Access

Mobile device access for marketing

Email has had a long and interesting journey over the last quarter century: from being considered cutting edge in the early 90s to oh-so-passé for most of the 2000s, and now a reliable method of targeted marketing that returns consistently impressive engagement rates.

That’s not all email is good for, though. Even though email forms a critical pillar of any targeted, direct, or digital marketing strategy, getting verified customer email addresses is even more valuable than one might first assume.

The biggest reason? It’s with you right now – and with almost everyone you interact with on a daily basis. Yes, I’m talking about our phones – or smart devices in general.

Since exploding onto the scene in the late 2000s, smart devices have literally become omnipresent. Our phones, tablets, and TVs can all connect to the internet now, and an overwhelming number of those devices are connected to an email address.

What that means is obtaining a customer’s email address is no longer just a way to target them somewhere down the line – it’s also a ticket to device access.

What Does Device Access Get You?

Acquiring an email address is far more important and powerful now than it has ever been. Think of all the ways you can target both existing and potential customers digitally: search, display, YouTube, Facebook, etc. If you have access to a verified email address, you have access to every device associated with that email address for advertising purposes.

In other words, the door is opened for you to reach someone anytime, anywhere, thanks to the mobile nature of most of our smart devices. The marketing value of being a continuous presence in the back of a customer’s mind should not be underestimated.

Now, access alone doesn’t guarantee the success of future campaigns. This is where real expertise comes into play: knowing how to optimize for various channels and platforms, knowing when to push certain messaging hard and when to dial it back, and what the content of that messaging should even be, based on key customer and demographic information.

These are all essential factors when executing any serious targeted campaign, but again, securing the customer’s email is one of the very first steps to success. In today’s always-connected world, it unlocks the door to device access.

Also, note the importance of your dealership data in deciphering what sort of messaging could best move a given customer closer to a purchasing decision. From verified email addresses to basic identifying information and any buying history with your dealership, maintaining clean, accurate, and up-to-date customer data is a must.


Email may have settled comfortably into its targeted marketing niche over the last several years, but that doesn’t mean it’s reached the peak of its value – it opens up access to existing and potential customers in a way no other single piece of information does. Get the email every time, and adopt the mindset that all of your customer data should be held to the same standard of accuracy.

Do this, get device access, and watch a world of possibilities open up for your future campaigns.