Catch Your “Hot Potatoes” through Remarketing

Catching a hot potato

Did you ever play hot potato as a kid? The stress of throwing that thing back and forth, PRAYING that it wouldn’t be in your hands once the music stopped is hard to forget. But what if we told you that you had it all wrong, and you should instead chase after that potato until it’s yours?

Your dealership’s hottest leads are those who have already interacted with you. Instead of allowing them to bounce to the next dealership, catch them with a remarketing campaign that puts the sale back in your hands.

Remarketing is defined as: a form of online advertising targeted to consumers based on their previous actions.

There are countless ways to execute a remarketing campaign, but here are a few of our hottest picks specifically for car dealerships:


Hot: Videos watched

It is projected that in 2021 we will spend an average of 100 minutes a day watching online videos. If you catch a potential customer’s attention during that time, even if just for a moment, you can and should target them again. Video is an amazing media for introducing your brand and its story to the world, and once they know who you are, you can come in hot with ads that will get them interested in what you have to offer.

With YouTube you can segment by the following criteria:

  • Viewed any video from a channel.
  • Viewed certain videos.
  • Viewed any video (as an ad) from a channel.
  • Viewed certain videos (as ads).
  • Channel interactions: visits, subscriptions, likes, playlist adds, and shares.

Within Facebook, you can segment people based on the following criteria:

  • Viewed a video for at least 3, 10, or 15 seconds.
  • Watched at least 25%, 50%, 75%, or 95% of your video.


Hotter: Upsell Current Customers

Your best audience for generating additional revenue is often those who have already given you some.

For many, buying a car is financially terrifying. That’s why they will turn down every added feature or package you throw their way. But once they have gotten over the initial shock and have spent time in their new vehicle, they are often more open to your upsells.

Keeping your customer data clean and organized is key to this style of remarketing. You can take any information you have on your customers; their email, phone number, or even their name, and input it into the ad platform of your choice. While the information required and the technical capabilities vary by platform, in the most general terms, if they can find that person in their system, they will feed them digital ads throughout their time online.

When upselling, you will want to create an ad campaign based on the amount of time it has been since they purchased their vehicle. Want to run ads for accessories? Try waiting until it’s been a few months since their purchase. Want to promote a maintenance package? Try targeting those who bought from you a year or two ago.


Hottest: Inventory-based remarketing

Those who have viewed a vehicle page on your website are your hottest leads. They are doing their research and are ready to buy. Don’t let them become “the one who got away.”

By using dynamic style ads, you can follow them through the rest of their car buying research. Remind them of the car they looked at and suggest similar models that might catch their interest. This kind of ad can be extremely detailed, providing everything someone who is close to buying wants to know about a vehicle.


Stop tossing your most valuable leads. Humans are defined by our actions, which is why behavioral marketing can be just what you need to catch your best audiences. To learn more about behavioral marketing, check out these resources.