Facebook Ads- How to Target for Success

figure holding phone with social media page

Scattered throughout the internet are online communities where thousands gather for one common interest; making fun of poorly targeted ads. These groups have gotten so large that they have broken off into separate niche groups like Reddit’s r/targetedshirts, where users share screenshots of “horrible targeted ads for t-shirts,” or the Facebook tag group titled “Your Marketing is Bad and you Should Feel Bad.”

The thing is, many of the ads shared on these groups aren’t inherently bad. They were just targeted terribly; from ads for restaurants thousands of miles away, to personalized mugs with the wrong name.

Even the best ads are useless when served to the wrong person. Building the optimal audience for your socials ads is half of the battle. To find those audiences for your dealership, you’ll need a combination of data from Facebook, your DMS and Naked Lime’s marketing intelligence platform.

Let’s take a look into your targeting options:

Standard Facebook targeting options

custom targeting with Naked Lime Marketing

This is barely scratching the surface. For a deep dive into the world of Facebook Marketing for Automotive Dealerships, Download our eBook.