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Google’s Cookies are Going Away: Byte-Sized Updates for Dealerships

Google announced in January 2020 their plans to get rid of the third-party cookie by 2022. The immediate reaction was panic: “How are we supposed to track customer engagement online

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The BERT Update: What Did Google Do This Time?

Meet BERT, the new Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers algorithm update from Google. Like all significant Google updates, BERT will have a direct impact on search engine optimization (SEO), so

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Quiz: What Affects Your Dealership’s Google Ranking, Anyway?

If you’re like most other businesses in the 21st Century, your dealership has either gone digital, or you’re on your way there. But there’s a problem with being like most

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Google Site Indexing: From Mobile-Friendly to Mobile First

The shift has been gradual, but mobile-first indexing has finally arrived. When we heard the first rumblings of the transition, we gave you tips to make your site mobile-friendly. Hopefully

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Google Update: What Dealers Need to Know

The words that cause panic in the hearts of website owners and SEO specialists the world over – GOOGLE UPDATE. Often, we are left to wonder if an update happened

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A Brief, Crazy History of Google (Infographic)

As SEO specialists and search engine marketers with Google certifications, we like to think we know a lot about the master we serve. While we are as up-to-date and in-the-know

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